Rob Hyde

Rob Hyde is a Principal Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture [a joint school between the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester].

Previously Rob has been a Masters Unit leader within both the Manchester and Birmingham Schools of Architecture as well has being associate/visiting lecturer and Guest Critic at numerous Universities/ Schools of Architecture. Rob also has extensive diverse experience within industry being employed by and setting up several practices, working nationally and internationally and on award winning projects.

Currently within the Manchester School of Architecture Rob leads Professional Practice and teaches studio within the CPU [Complexity Planning and Urbanism] Post Graduate Research Atelier.

Within the School of Architecture and wider Manchester School of Art Rob has Managerial responsibility for Employment, Employability + Enterprise and developing related external cross-disciplinary collaborative networks between academia and industry focussing on both employment and research.

He is also an active invited member of a number of committees/ working groups in organisations including Manchester Architects, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), the Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA/ RIBANW] etc. etc.

Robs current research interests include:

  • The application of complexity science onto the urban realm and the opportunities for policy design [forward planning etc.].
  • Disruption and impact on Future/ Smart Cities i.e. The future alternative physical, spatial, business and governance opportunities afforded by big/ open data etc.
  • Transdisciplinarity and the future of work.


Twitter: @robjhyde

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