“A EYE” is a dystopian film about alternative reality where technology has progressed beyond modern capability, offering anti-gravity space crafts, holograms and artificial intelligence. However the technology hasn’t improved the everyday life of the city habitants. People are still driving cars and bicycles, and using outdated public transport to get around. The only improvement in their lives are digital lenses that they use to interact with the environment and socialize, but never notice how all the information available to them, portrayed in green neon colour, lacks depth and scope. The protagonist finds an unusual lens that glows in red and after putting it on, it reveals all the underlying meanings and information that is hidden from the population, by the monitoring body located in the hovering stations above the city.

The film serves as an insight of what could happen in a futuristic environment where the internet of things, AI and our dependency of technology could lead to digital environment controlled and monitored by a single group of individuals.

The film was produced by a Manchester School of Architecture Masters (CPU) and Bachelors students in collaboration with two external guests Thilo Aschmutat, 3D visual and special effects artist from the university of Hannover, Germany, and Thomas Payton-Greene, photographer and filmmaker from Manchester, UK. It was a 2 week short-film project with students learning filming, editing, animation and special effects from scratch. The project is part of Complexity Planning & Urbanism (CPU) research at MSA.

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