CityVerve – Research: Occupancy / Emissions Sustainability Metric Matrix

WP12.6.2 MMU Report extract

This report investigates occupancy/emission metrics for public and private domestic urban transport and develops an emissions/sustainability matrix for the future development of a ‘Green Travel Planning Tool’.

1. Review the current methods of estimating occupancy/emissions for various modes of transportation and to update these for accuracy.

2. Produce a sustainability/emissions matrix

3. Compare the metrics developed with results from existing journey planners producing their own estimates. Existing journey planners providing emission estimates typically use distance, estimated travel time and different modes of transpiration as factors. The matrix produced here incorporates multiple additional factors (e.g. travel speed, embodied energy use based on fuel type) in an attempt to accurately estimate emissions per journey.

The study includes the following:-

1. Identification of the latest average emissions for each mode of urban transport (normalised by occupancy)

2. A list of emissions occupancy estimation proxies and conversion factors where applicable

3. Identification of measurements and variables required for emissions and occupancy estimates.

4. A dynamic matrix that can be used to compute emissions results for new journey planners.



Posts | June 24, 2017 4:06 pm