Eric Cheung

Dr Eric Cheung has been a researcher at the Manchester Metropolitan University based within the Manchester School of Architecture with interests in urbanism, systems and computational thinking. He engages in teaching within the CPU MArch atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture since 2014, with a particular focus on computational thinking and design. He had been a design studio tutor at the University of Nottingham from 2010 to 2013.

In parallel to research, he is a fully qualified architect with over five years of working experiences in architectural practice. He has been involved in high profile large mixed-use and small-scale developments in the UK and architectural design competitions of various scales as a key team member in many commended and prize-winning designs.

He is currently engaged in his independent inquiry into the research and development of new design software and applications of algorithms, multi-agent simulation, computer geometry and graph-based data structures in architecture and the built environment.

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