Murilo da Silva Baptista

He is a Reader at the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology (ICSMB), University of Aberdeen, having joined this University in 2009. His experience with non-autonomous dynamical systems and control started with his PhD work on the response of non-linear dynamical systems under external perturbations towards the control of non-linear dynamical systems. He worked as a postdoc at the University of Maryland (USA), 1997-1999, the University of São Paulo (Brazil), 1999-2003, the University of Potsdam (Germany), 2004-2006, as a guest scientist in the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (Germany), 2007-2008, and as a Guest Assistant Professor at the Centre for Applied Mathematics (Portugal), 2008-2009.  Since his PhD, one of the main themes of his research work is related to unravelling the complex relationship among information, synchronisation, collective behaviour, and dynamical invariants (such as Lyapunov exponents) in dynamical and complex networks [PLoSONE7, e46745 (2012);arXiv: 1510.0586].  Within this topic of research, he is currently working to explain the space-time nature of causality, more specifically of how past events in a system cause a present or future event in another system. He has also an interest in the modelling of complex systems, such as the DNA [“Markovian language model of the DNA and its information content”, Royal Society Open Science, in press], brain cancer [Journal of Theoretical Biology 368, 113 (2015)], and metabolic networks [PLoS ONE 10, e0130762 (2015)]. Understanding which reduced set of variables of a complex system need to be observed in order to construct a full model of it,was considered by him in [Physical Review E, 91, 062912 (2015).].  His profile has also an applied component, aimed at developing technology exploring fundamental properties of dynamical and complex systems, such as in chaos-based wireless communication [Phys. Rev. Lett.110, 184101 (2013)]and in dynamical cryptography [Phys. Lett. A377, 760 (2013) ;EurophysicsJournal Special Topic223, 1601 (2014); ]. He has also a large experience with data analysis, demonstrated by his more than 20 related publications.

He has published 115 papers, received 1726citations, and his h-index is 18 (, under profile “msbaptista”). He is a permanent member of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, is the University of Aberdeen representative for the Energy theme in the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA), a member of the Equality and Diversity group of the College of Physical Sciences (CoPS), a member of the Research and Commercialization committee, and a member of the Steering Committee on Energy at the University of Aberdeen.  For more details, his webpage can be accessed in


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