Rob Hyde

Rob Hyde is a Principal Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture [a joint school between the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester].

Previously Rob has been a Masters Unit leader within both the Manchester and Birmingham Schools of Architecture as well as being an associate/visiting lecturer and Guest Critic at numerous Universities/ Schools of Architecture. Rob also has extensive diverse experience within industry being employed by and setting up several practices, working nationally and internationally and on award-winning projects.

Currently within the Manchester School of Architecture Rob leads Professional Practice and teaches studio within the CPU [Complexity Planning and Urbanism] Post Graduate Research Atelier.

Within the School of Architecture and wider Manchester School of Art Rob has Managerial responsibility for Employment, Employability + Enterprise and developing related external cross-disciplinary collaborative networks between academia and industry focussing on both employment and research.

He is also an active invited member of a number of committees/ working groups in organisations including Manchester Architects, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), the Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA/ RIBANW] etc. etc.

Robs current research interests include:

  • The application of complexity science onto the urban realm and the opportunities for policy design [forward planning etc.].
  • Disruption and impact on Future/ Smart Cities i.e. The future alternative physical, spatial, business and governance opportunities afforded by big/ open data etc.
  • Transdisciplinarity and the future of work.


Twitter: @robjhyde

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