Ulysses Sengupta

Ulysses Sengupta is a senior lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) a collaboration between Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and The University of Manchester (UoM). He is the founder of Complexity Planning and Urbanism (CPU), a research laboratory and related Masters atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture. CPU uses a complexity framework to develop new digital tools, computational thinking and urban theory addressing future ICT disruptions and spatio-temporal dynamics in urban processes. The research is transdisciplinary and spans Future Cities, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, agile governance and cities as complex adaptive systems. CPU research engages with planning for evolutionary and emergent city systems, digital participation and inclusion, data platforms for resilient cities and urban simulations for sustainable future scenarios. Sengupta is also a founding member of Data and Cities as Complex Adaptive Systems (DACAS) an international ESRC Strategic Network researching transdisciplinary approaches to urban transformation. CPU and DACAS are part of ComplexUrban (www.complexurban.com).


Current research:

ESRC Strategic Network DACAS: Data and Cities as Complex Adaptive Systems

Innovate UK Internet of Things (IoT) CityVerve

H2020 Synchronicity


Recent Guest Editorial:

Environment & Planning B – Planning and Design

Thematic Issue: Planning and complexity – Engaging with temporal dynamics, uncertainty and complex adaptive systems

(Read the editorial here http://epb.sagepub.com/content/43/6/970.full.pdf+html)


Recent BBC Brazil Article:



Recent course:

MSA Workshop 2015/16: Complexity Theories for Cities


Recent CPU urban futures movie:



Recent exhibition:

Miyakobashi [61]

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