Project Synergy

Principal Investigator: Ulysses Sengupta

Co-Investigator: Rob Hyde

Researchers:  Solon Solomou,  Sigita Zigure

Funding: £5 million, Innovate UK

The aim of this project is to further develop innovative technologies for connected autonomous vehicles to accelerate adoption of driverless vehicles and allied technologies in the UK. This project will introduce innovative technologies to operate connected autonomous cars in a platoon formation from Stockport directly to the arrivals terminal at Manchester Airport.

The objectives of our work package are:

Task 1 – To expand the ͚platooning͛ concept through concept transfer from ecological, social and biological perspectives.

Task 2 – To undertake popular and expert discourse analysis to understand the landscape of AV integration on public roads in the UK.

Task 3 – To develop a digital simulation model testing the integration and disruptions resulting from the introduction of AV into a competitive environment with other forms of transport services and passengers.

Task 4 – To examine advantageous routes for the deployment of AV through data mapping.


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