Synchronicity – H2020 Internet of Things – Large Scale Pilots (2017 – 2019)

SynchroniCity is a 22 million Euros project funded under Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme and connects 41 partners, 8 European Cities and 11 countries over four continents. This project was created to help cities simplify the adoption of new services that tackle urban challenges using Internet of Things (IoT) and data technologies.

The integration of new technologies into city services is hampered by the lack of standardised solutions and application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, the high risk of vendor lock-in deters the provision of large investments into the new smart city infrastructure. This situation inhibits the potential for growth and scale for new IoT infrastructure and service developers, especially smaller organisations. To overcome these challenges, SynchroniCity will create a harmonised market place for IoT enabled and urban data services. This synchronised market place will be created and demonstrated through pilot projects in eight European cities; Manchester, Helsinki, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Milano, Porto, Santander and Carrouge and three other partner cities in Mexico, USA and South Korea.

This will be achieved by:

Establishing a reference architecture for an IoT-enabled city with identified interoperability points and interfaces and data models from different verticals

Developing tools for co-creation and integration of legacy platforms and IoT devices for urban services

Providing enablers for data discovery, access and licensing thus lowering the barriers for participation for participation on the market place

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