Synergy 7.2 Discourse Analysis Report: Autonomous Vehicle Concerns

overall concerns diagram

Using specific terms as search criteria in the web, a collection of 682 sources were analysed to distill a number of specific words relating to concerns surrounding the implementation of CAVs on public roads. These are displayed in the diagram on the left. From this analysis, 10 concerns have been identified as the dominants in the written discourse. These concerns are as follows:

  • Travel Time
  • Personal Data / Privacy Policy
  • Travel Flow
  • Road Safety / Public Policy
  • Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Ethics / Decision Making for AV
  • Market Uptake of Technology
  • Changing Transportation System
  • Energy Use
  • Infrastructure Improvements

These concerns have been reinforced as well as debated using real-world interviews with specific groups as well as results from workshops conducted in an international conference. The result of this study identifies the concerns found in the discourse as valid when going forward with a CAV dominated future mobility system. At the same time, not enough mention on the transition of the technology exists within the discourse with concerns focused on the end result rather than the journey.



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